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From Kathy Grissom (April 2020):  Although the Members of the Tucson Society have not been able to meet, here are some projects members have recently finished or projects they are currently working on.  These are from Pam Young:

And some really small items shared by Tori West:

“Last Chance Gas” from Connie Suave:

Myrna Williams is taking advantage of the days at home to complete her dollhouse:

Lee Menconi-Steiger has the beginnings of the club project for this year:

And Jan Rasmussen is working on a building she purchased at the TMS show and Sale last year, turning it into part of the Thornton Castle in Scotland:

From Betty Hodges (April 2020):  These are pictures of finished projects from the Central Coast Mini Makers club members.

From Debi Cerone (April 2020):   These are pictures from their February Show including the Entry display at the show, kid’s workshops, Sheryl reading the first Gazette at our show meeting.

From Janet Gordon (April 2020):  These are some of the club member’s projects that they’ve been working on during the Covid-19 virus time.

Nancy Fix’s Nevada State Day Project:

Sharon Wechsler’s Bakery and Easter Dresses:

Sonia Burke’s Nevada State Day Project:

Sandy Leal’s roombox:

From Susan Sheridan (April 2020):

I have finished up adding more details to my quarter scale Easter Market stall. This was a club project we did a few years ago.

From Susan Sheridan (April 2020):

The Albuquerque Mini Makers are working on completing their 3 D card projects during this stay at home process. Plus we began our quarter scale Cottage project in February as well


From Judy Meyer (April 2020):

The Orange County Miniature Guild continued their porch accessories with a patio chair kit by  Castle Crafts. The completed chair is by Jeanne Smith.

From Judy Meyer (April 2020):  Orange County Miniature Guild started the year with a project taught by Pat Hausman our club President. It was Mardi Gras masks. Our club member Johanna Cormier took this project to another level and completed a multitude of masks.

From Janet Gordon (January 2020):

Two of the special items you will get at Nevada State Day are shown below.

We had to celebrate NAME Day in November, but we still had great fun.  (Jan Feldhouse & Joy O’Grady at work.)

Judy O’Brion gave us the kits to put together clothespin Adirondack chairs.  They are very cute.

Sonia Burke showed how to make a mini snow globe with jewelry endcaps, the cut tops of brush Christmas trees, and “globe earring posts” from Hobby Lobby. Sonia is a fine jewelry make, mini and regular!

Our members skill and creativity were on display for our holiday party gifts.   Take a look!

From Kathy Grissom (January 2020):

This picture shows the club projects from 2019. Lots more photos are available for viewing and scattered throughout the TMS Club Website, including the Gallery, if you have not yet checked it out. The website can be found at .

From Susan Sheridan (January 2020):

The Albuquerque Mini Makers finished up this past year with our Oct NAME Day we had a great time with gift exchange, raffle drawings, potluck lunch and working on the kits in various sizes.

November we started working on the 3D Card project being taught by Peggy and Tina. We will finish up this project at our January meeting.

In December the Holiday party was fun and we had a great gift exchange of minis.

Our club will be starting a project in February which will take several months to complete it is a quarter scale Cottage.

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